What is a Domain and How to choose one?

Glad that you have decided on starting a blog of your own. In this digital era where we are on the verge of using the internet for almost every solution to our problems, you might have stumbled upon a range of websites when looking for answers to your questions for a particular query on Search engines.

In Today’s times, everyone in my opinion should definitely think of starting a blog of its own where one can share his/her opinion or belief about a particular query that a searcher a looking for. By providing a detailed answer to a particular query we help anyone who is in the need of it thereby we ourselves can help share the word.

So as we have seen in an earlier article that we should definitely try a hands-on popular blogging content management system called WordPress as it is most efficient when starting out where you need not be tech-savvy to start blogging that is used to be in the past. With its easily compatible user interface, one can easily get familiar with it within a few days.

So enough talking let us come to our Question that you have decided to start a blog and you are now stuck about choosing a name for your blog which pretty seems obvious when anyone choose to start but need not worry here in the guide you will know the crux of how you can choose a perfect name for your blog so held my hand and I will guide you to the further step.

Firstly the question come in your mind that What is this domain called in Blogging?

So let me clear Domain is nothing but a distinct name you choose for your blog so to distinguish it from other blogs likewise when you decide to name your business as blogging is also a business when you go for it seriously and I can guarantee you will love your work and be successful when you dedicate your time wisely and efficiently to it.

So let us look at the anatomy of a domain and how a typical domain look like see in the image below

A domain basically consists of three parts namely the protocol, domain name and the extension.

Secondly we should now look at how can you choose a perfect domain name for your blog.

Now Before choosing a particular domain first

1. Decide which topic you want to create your blog on may be its fashion, sports, entertainment, gadgets and more.

2. After that include that topic or niche (that is basically narrowing your chosen topic) Ex- If your topic is sports your niche can be cricket likewise.

3. It is better that you should not use any symbols in your domain name as its looks ugly and is also not adaptive to search engine requirements.

4. Now the last thing which many bloggers overlook is that they choose a complex name for their blog as a result the visitors often forget their blog name which is not a good sign for any blogger, so keep in mind to that you choose an easy to remember the name for your blog so that readers can share your blog among others and it also, as a result, can gain in popularity of the blog.

So now let us discuss some great tools which can help you choose a perfect domain name for your blog and filter out the ugliest ones

The top three in the list are

1. leandomainsearch.com

2. shopify business name generator tool

3. domainwheel.com

You can go through all of these to get a good idea about a name which you might be on the look for

So where you can buy a domain?

These are the two most popular one

1. godaddy.com

2. namecheap.com

So, in the end, I hope that you have now got a clear idea about choosing a perfect name for your blog. I wish you great success in your blogging journey.

Many thanks……..

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