Is travel in Pakistan safe for tourists?

Read stories suggesting that the next most excellent place to go is Pakistan. You wish to travel in Pakistan but are still trying to ensure its safety.

Although your friends and relatives may be skeptical and warn you that Pakistan is unsafe, pay attention to me and not them. I have years of individual travel experience around Pakistan. I’m not dead, which shows you won’t be blasted to pieces when you get there.

I first visited Pakistan in 2022 and have traveled around the nation for years. I plan motorbike trips as well as women’s tours throughout Pakistan. In Islamabad, I stay in the hotel for visitors. I have traveled the whole nation on my motorcycle.

I have visited every province, alone and with friends, and run two Facebook travel-related groups. Overall, my travel experience in Pakistan rises above that of most other travel bloggers who have visited the country. Continue reading to get my own opinion on whether it’s safe to travel to Pakistan.

Pakistan is currently safe for visitors of all genders, should you choose to visit. Although there are still security concerns in some of the nation’s remoter parts, many Pakistani locations are now safe for both international visitors and residents to visit following years of war with terrorism and bloodshed.

You should study before choosing to see the nation, just like you would with any other trip.

Is Pakistan safe to travel to?

Even though I don’t think it’s the most accessible place to visit for several reasons, adventurers and other experienced travelers should try it!

In conclusion, it is safe to travel to Pakistan.

What’s going on with Pakistan’s security situation?

The nation has considerably stabilized since the 2009–2012 height of Taliban violence. The Pakistani military tightly controls the country to maintain peace. The nation’s intelligence agency, ISI, works very hard behind the scenes to make sure that such threats are put down before anyone is harmed.

The streets may appear hostile because of the army soldiers and checkpoints, yet they are far safer now than in the past.

The Pakistan shown in the media—a country full of terrorists, explosives, and guns—distantly differs from the actual Pakistan. Nowadays, comfortable locations are the ones that casual visitors are most likely to visit. Terrorist attacks are nothing to be afraid of. Experience the safety of Pakistan for yourself!

Which areas are “unsafe” for travel in Pakistan?

While not all of Pakistan is unsafe or home to nasty people, some areas carry a higher risk than others.

Balochistan province


There are several reasons why Balochistan is dangerous. In the province’s heartland, inhabitants are attacked by criminals. Those who protest the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) find the route through the nation sensitive. Separatists seeking to establish their own Baloch state are being held in Balochistan.

Pakistani tourists can travel freely in Balochistan. Foreigners are not allowed to visit Balochistan without an NOC and will not receive one unless crossing into/out of Iran. However, some foreigners have snuck in to drive the Makran Coastal Highway and visit Hingol National Park with the help of locals.

What about the other regions of Pakistan?

You may wonder if the other parts of Pakistan are secure. I will briefly review them here.


Though it should be, only a few people know the southern province of Sindh. A few individuals travel to Sehwan Sharif and Karachi, but that’s about it. For this reason, many outsiders still view Sindh as a terrifying and dangerous location. It is not helpful that some Pakistanis would tell you the same thing.

With its reputation for violence, travelers are rarely the victims of crimes in Karachi. Although Sindh is undeveloped, other regions of the province are just as welcoming to visitors, and traveling in Sindh is generally safe. That desert is the only place that is off-limits.


Nearly everyone visiting Pakistan includes a stop in Lahore, which is safe for international visitors; I’ll discuss this later. Traveling is secure in other regions of Punjab as well. Still, as hardly many international visitors have made their way to provincial Punjab, you may find yourself harassed by an aggressive security guard and maybe refused accommodation in certain places.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)

Many people believe that the KPK is still a terrorist hotspot and that international visitors aren’t allowed. While this used to be the case, foreigners can now easily travel to the majority of the KPK province.

I’ve included a particular section about Peshawar later in this post, but KPK has much more to offer than just this wonderful city. Travelers should be aware that KPK is still quite conservative, even if I believe most areas of the province, including Swat, Chitral, and the Kalash Valley, are safe to visit.

Foreign visitors should be careful not to disturb the local people when visiting this place.

Gilgit Baltistan (GB)

Gilgit-Baltistan is the safest place in Pakistan. You can find more information on GB further down in this guide.

The best places to visit in Pakistan

a beauty of hunza valley

Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan

The majority of visitors to Pakistan eventually wish to visit Hunza. Though Hunza has a reputation for being entirely secure, having friendly locals, and being accessible to travel to, Gilgit Baltistan is relatively peaceful.

Except for just a few, northern Pakistan’s most popular tourist destination has been peaceful for ages. Most visitors to Hunza report an easy and secure stay. Many local and foreign tourists visit for activities like motorcycling and hiking every year. To all first-time (solo) female visitors to Pakistan, I also suggest Hunza.

Ghizer, Gilgit Baltistan

Ghizer district, located west of Gilgit city along the Shandur Pass route, is remarkably tranquil, much like Hunza. It’s a very inviting town for visitors, home to Ismaili Muslims who are typically well-educated and friendly. In Gilgit Baltistan, Ghizer is my favorite district; Phaner Valley is an excellent spot to start.

Is it safe to visit Peshawar?

It makes sense that people are afraid of Peshawar, given its nearness to the Afghan border and reputation as a terroristic Wild West where ladies flit about the streets in burqas and weapons are freely marketed. Security guards once guarded foreign visitors when visiting Peshawar, and several nations continue to advise against going there. 


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