Top tips to choose a perfect theme for your WordPress blog

So, as we have discussed in our previous articles about why WordPress is the must-have when you are starting to blog about a chosen topic of your own you can view from here if you have not, as nearly 1 in 4 websites across the internet uses WordPress as their content management system due to its intuitive and innovative interface, so after installing and setting up your blog WordPress automatically install a random theme for your website. Firstly let us understand what a theme is, basically it is a template that enhances your website’s look and feels so that it is appealing to your visitors. When choosing a particular theme for a website anyone has confused to select an appropriate theme where there are so much to choose from as WordPress itself provides approximate 7500+ themes for their users with plenty of themes in different categories it becomes difficult for a new blogger who is just starting out to make a perfect choice for their blog. So let us look at what makes a perfect theme that will make you comfortable while selecting a theme for your blog

The theme must be responsive, which means that with more and more visitors are using their mobile phones for accessing the blogs it becomes a must for every blogger to ensure that it has a clean interface also it loads fast on all devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobiles. To check whether your theme is responsive or not you can go to to check that it has a user-friendly interface on all devices or not.

Secondly when just starting don’t be in the hurry to create a beautiful look that is appealing to you firstly create valuable content for your visitors and let some traffic come to the website and then only decide to change your blog theme as appealing is not necessary at the start make sure you have an ultra-fast loading theme so your website visitors don’t have wait so long for your content to read through. So how can you check whether your website theme loads fast or not so before installing a theme look at the demo of the website which is given for nearly every theme and then head over to any website loading time sites to check whether the theme is loading in under 5 seconds as hunt for a theme which is ultra-fast means it is under 2 seconds as it is recommended excellent as it’s said that search engines also loves fast loading websites and is definitely a ranking signal in terms of SEO which we will discuss in later articles. A few of the fest all free tools to check website loading time is,, and Google page speed insights don’t worry if you have different results in all these tools the average loading time is your blog loading time.

Also, make sure to compress the images you use on the blog before uploading them to your blog one tool you can definitely need to try is, image compression tools not only reduces the image size also helps to not deter the image quality. As recommended image size should be less than 2 MB and should be in jpeg/jpg or png format. You can also add a plugin called Short pixel which automatically compresses the images when you upload them to WordPress so you should definitely try it.

Lastly, you can test if your website is amp( accelerated mobile pages) complied or not on amp test just google it. If you are new to the amp I will let you know that it helps search engines to store static pages of your site which loads instantly also it is only for mobile results not for desktop results as the name suggest, I will suggest a plugin which helps you do the same which amp for WordPress as it is also recommended by

In the end, I will again ask you to just set up a theme on-site by carefully looking at the steps above and just start writing a handful of articles and you can change your theme anytime if you want later.

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