Top plugins to choose when starting a new blog

Are you confused after setting up your WordPress blog and wondering what plugins are necessary for your blog to scale in the long run well you have come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss why plugin and which one is recommended when you are just starting out your own blog.

But first look at what basically a plugin is, these are additional software or you can say add-ons to the WordPress blog so to meet up with your requirements as there is nearly every plugin you can imagine to add to your WordPress blog let it be capturing email addresses of visitors to your blog, adding payment gateways, SEO plugins and much much more.

With plenty to choose from whether it’s paid or free I must say just go with the free plugins at the start and later on move to the paid ones according to your website requirements. It’s often seen that new bloggers tend to install so many plugins to their website that makes the website load slow as many plugins crash with each other, so to make a website load faster as you are going to add more content along with images and videos it is recommended to use not more than 5 to 6 plugins on the blog.

Avoid using themes that make you add additional plugins other than required for the blog. Few of the recommended plugins which is a must for different categories such as for optimizing your blog for the search engines you can choose plugins well there are many to choose from the first one and the top choice for many bloggers is Yoast SEO plugin well it has also a paid version but you can always go with the free one as it is sufficient to optimize your blog for the search engines, the next ones, and the popular ones are rank math and all in one SEO pack as they are also gaining popularity nowadays you can always check according to your needs.

Next, you have to add an image optimizer plugins the few best ones are the Wp rocket plugin and short pixel as they help in reducing image size on the other hand maintaining the image quality, Wp rocket comes with an exciting feature of lazy loading which is significantly useful when a visitor on your blog doesn’t scroll to the footer of the page the images will not load thereby reducing the website loading time also. So you can use both of these plugins on your blog. The next few plugins often come with WordPress automatically when you install keep them as it is as they are recommended officially. Well, they are plenty of other plugins but you can keep to a minimum as possible and change accordingly to your purpose.

I hope you have now got a clear idea about what a plugin is and what are the recommended ones when you are having issues in deciding which one to choose to optimize the blog for the search engines.

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