Top 5 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Starting a blog is a great hobby or even a career to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world. It is common for new bloggers to make some mistakes while blogging. In this article, we will discuss some of the top blogging mistakes that must be avoided to create a successful and sustainable blog. In this article, we will cover some commonly made mistakes and provide you with a detailed guide. Let’s start with our list.

Choosing the Wrong Platform

Choosing the Wrong Platform

Choosing the right platform for blogging is very important. The majority of inexperienced bloggers do not focus on this. There are a number of different blogging platforms are available on the internet. Now it’s up to you to choose the right one. Today, there are two platforms that are very popular that every blogger uses. One is WordPress and the other is Blogger. Let’s compare these two platforms and provide you with detailed explanations about each. Here is a comparison of the two platforms:


  • WordPress is a self-hosted platform, which means you need to purchase your own web hosting and domain name. This gives you more control over your blog. On this platform you are also responsible for maintaining and updating your site.
  • WordPress offers more customization options, including thousands of themes and plugins that allow you to extend the functionality of your blog.
  • WordPress can be more complex to use than other platforms, so you must have the proper knowledge to use it.
  • WordPress is a great choice for every blogger. I also recommend this platform instead of any other.


  • Blogger is a free, easy-to-use platform that is owned by Google.
  • Blogger is a suitable choice for those who want a simple platform that is easy to set up and use.
  • Blogger offers fewer customization options than WordPress, so you may not be able to customize your blog site.
  • Blogger is a suitable choice for those who are just starting out and don’t want to invest money in setting up a blog.

Both WordPress and Blogger are solid choices for blogging, but you must keep your requirements in mind to choose the most suitable platform for you.

Avoiding Search Engine Optimization

Avoiding Search Engine Optimization

Avoiding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a common mistake that many new bloggers make. The goal of SEO is to optimize your blog to improve its ranking in search engines like Google. By ranking in the top position in search results, your blog will be visible to more readers and you will receive more traffic.

Here are a few tips for improving your blog’s SEO:

  1. Use keywords: Adding relevant keywords to your blog’s content and meta tags can help search engines understand what your blog is about and improve its ranking for those keywords.
  2. Use header tags: Header tags (H1, H2, etc.) are very important for every blog post. These tags can help readers engage with your post.
  3. Optimize your images: Add descriptive, keyword-rich names and alt tags to your images. This will help search engines to index your infographic in the images section and give you a better improvement in ranking.
  4. Use internal and external links: Linking to other relevant content on your blog and on other websites can also help to improve your blog’s ranking and provide value to your readers.
  5. Use social media: Sharing your blog on social media platforms can help you to drive traffic to your site and improve its ranking in search results.

By implementing these SEO best practices, you can boost your blog’s visibility in search results and drive more traffic to your site. If you are using WordPress, you can read Best SEO Plugins for WordPress. This article will help you to choose the most suitable plugin to improve the on-page optimization of your blog posts and website.

Copying Content from Other Sources

Copying Content from Other Sources

New bloggers often make the mistake of copying content from other sources. This process violates every company’s policy. Plagiarized content can decrease your website ranking and may cause you to lose traffic from search engines. Write your own content and offer something unique to your readers. Here are a few tips for avoiding plagiarism on your blog:

  1. Always give proper credit: If you are using someone else’s content on your blog, make sure to give proper credit and link back to the original source.
  2. Use your own words: Whenever possible, try to rewrite or summarize information from other sources in your own words. This will help you to avoid plagiarism and ensure that you have your own original content on your blog.
  3. Use tools to check for plagiarism: There are a number of tools available that can help you check your content for plagiarism. These tools are especially helpful if you are using content from multiple sources.

Here are five popular plagiarism checker tools:

  1. Duplichecker
  2. Quetext
  3. Grammarly
  4. Plagiarismdetector

By following these tips, you can avoid plagiarism and protect your blog’s credibility and reputation. It is important to remember that you are responsible for the content you publish on your blog. Therefore, make sure to always give proper credit and use your own words where possible.

Not having a Clear Focus or Niche

Not having a Clear Focus or Niche

Any blog’s success depends on having a clear focus or niche. A niche is a specific topic or category that your blog will focus on. With the right niche, you can get a targeted audience and create content that is relevant to them and provides valuable information. Here are a few tips for choosing a niche for your blog:

  1. Consider your target audience: While choosing the niche for your blog, keep your target audience in mind. This will help you choose the right niche for your blog.
  2. Check the demand for your chosen niche: While selecting a niche, it is also important to analyze the demand for your niche. By choosing the most popular topics in your niche, you will be able to get more engagement.
  3. Be specific: Always provide content related to your niche. Off-topic can cause you to lose your audience. If your website has multiple categories, you can provide multi-topic content.

By choosing a clear focus or niche for your blog, you’ll be able to create content that is relevant and valuable for your target audience. This will help you build a strong and engaged community around your blog.

Not Promoting your Blog

Not Promoting your Blog

Promoting your blog is an important part of building a successful and sustainable blog. Without promotion, it can be difficult to attract new readers and grow your audience. Here are a few tips for promoting your blog:

  1. Use social media: Sharing your blog’s content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help you to drive traffic from these sites to your link. Make sure you share your posts regularly and also interact with your followers.
  2. Collaborate with other bloggers: Collaborating with other bloggers that are relevant to your niche can help to expose your blog to a new audience. Participate in blogger collaborations or guest post on other blogs.
  3. Utilize email marketing: Building an email list and sending newsletters to your subscribers is a great way to keep them up-to-date on your latest content and drive traffic to your site.
  4. Utilize search engine optimization: By implementing SEO best practices, you can improve your blog’s visibility in search results and gain more new readers. Follow the above SEO practices to improve your ranking.
  5. Participate in online communities: Joining online communities and forums related to your blog’s niche can be a helpful option to promote your blog and interact with new readers.

By promoting your blog you will be able to grow your audience and increase your blog’s visibility. Don’t be afraid to try different promotion strategies and see which works best for you.

In conclusion, starting a blog is very easy but it is also very important to make sure you’re not making common mistakes. We share the 5 common mistakes that every beginner blogger makes. Read the above-mentioned tips to improve your blog and engage more readers on your blog. Hope this article is helpful to you. Keep reading our site.

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