Top 12 reasons to start blogging with WordPress

Have you ever wondered to start a blog without writing a single line of code?

You always wanted to start a blog but never get an idea about what and where to start?

Have you tired of paying hefty amount to developers for creating a blog for you and never got satisfied?

Then luckily you have came to the right place.

By the end of this article you will get a clear understanding of this beginners friendly platform for non coders and one of the best and popular and widely used blogging platform that is WordPress.

Now it is the year 2020 and everybody nowadays are talking about Blogging. So the first thing which can came into your mind that what is a blog?

So, the answer is that blog is nothing but expressing your thoughts about a specific topic for your area of interest and the person who does this is called a Blogger and the skill is known as Blogging.

Now that you have got the idea about what is a blog. So let us now understand about how to start a blog.

Here I would like you to Introduce to WordPress and the top reasons why it is the perfect choice for you

1. More than 40% of the websites on the web are created on wordpress because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface.

2. Beginner friendly setup and creativity tools.

3. Easy to setup and install on website and manageable easily from a dashboard with all the features needed to run a successful blog.

4. One click ready to install and use template for every category of blog be it environment. fitness, e-commerce or fashion it has covered all.

5.Plugins( additional softwares ) to make your tasks easier. There is every plugin you want to integrate to your website for exam contact forms, payment gateways etc.

6.Wordpress users have the option the option to make live changes on the website to feel the actual look.

7.Every tools which a blogger needs to start writing an exceptional article for its website.

8.Option to add multiple users who can edit, become a admin, subscriber etc.

9. Easy instant one click backup of your blog so that you do not loose to precious work.

10.Security at its best, you will get your personal login page.

11. Responsive ( device friendly) means the blog you will create runs smoothly on all devices such as desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile.

12. Search engine friendly.

So, now you might have got an idea about why WordPress is the perfect choice for you, when you want to start from scratch.

That’s all later i will be discussing more about features of WordPress, so leave a comment below let us know what are you feedback on WordPress and are you now going to use it for your blog?

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