Things to watch out for when choosing a reliable hosting

We all know that how a good hosting is necessary when you want up and running blog round the clock so that your visitors do not lose interest in your website, and as a webmaster, you have the responsibility towards your blog readers so they consistently visit, like and eventually share your content among other readers.

Okay at first let me clarify that everyone is talking about hosting but actually what hosting is whenever you want to run a blog no matter you are coding it by yourself or installing a script, for example, WordPress, Joomla, etc to run the website you require a host which stores all your web files to there servers (depends on the traffic which your website gets daily ) so that your website is up and running round the clock efficiently without any lag and the companies that provide these facilities are known as web hosting companies.

Well, there are plenty to choose from I have already reviewed different hosting companies you can choose from and you can check from here if you like. Now let us come to our point that what are the recommended things you need to look for when choosing a reliable hosting service for your website. Let us get started and the first on our list is

1. SSL( secured socket layer )– It’s an enhanced security padlock that is added at the front of the domain replace the not secure HTTP version to HTTPS version which anyone visiting the website never again see the not secure beside the domain which ensures the trust level of your website to the visitor.

2.As recommended by WordPress themselves that a hosting company must have a PHP version of 7.4 or higher and the supported server requirements are Apache or Nginx but any company that supports PHP or MySQL will also suffice.

3.Uptime and downtime– You must look for the maximum uptime which simply means the amount of time your website will be up and running it’s usually mentioned in terms of percentage so always have a look for the maximum percentage whilst most web hosting companies provide up to 99% uptime so the more the better.

Now let’s look at the downtime and it refers to the percentage of time your website is not active as it is also a terrible experience for the visitors and also yours so aim for the minimum so have an up and running website 24*7 to your visitors as many readers who visits your website the very first time will never want to visit such website that is slow and also unable to visit for any reason.

4.Have a look at the SSD storage a web hosting company is providing many come with limited up to 10 GB storage while others come with unlimited storage and migration and more.

So, these are the points you have to watch out for when choosing reliable web hosting for your domain. In the upcoming articles, we will discuss in detail which hosting is best for your website when there are many different hosting plans to choose from.

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