Are you looking for the List of Weight Loss Programs? Have you heard about Subway Diet Plan and searching more information about this Subway Diet Plan? Does it really help you to lose weight?

What is a healthy diet? It’s not about counting calories, measuring portions or cutting carbs. You won’t find it on the lite menu at your favorite Subway restaurant, and you certainly won’t find it at the local fast food joint.


There is no ‘official’ Subway diet. Most people refer to the diet that Jared Fogle used as he was losing weight. Much of it is hearsay and urban myth.

The Subway Diet is more a personal success story than a universal way to lose weight. Different people take different routes to weight loss, and this approach may not work for everyone.

The Subway diet involves replacing two meals each day with subs from the Subway restaurant chain.

It gained publicity during the 1990s as part of an advertising campaign by the chain. Dieters can choose from the “Eight Under Six” section, which contains subs with 6 grams of fat or less. Jared Fogle is credited with starting the diet when he successfully lost a lot of weight by eating the subs daily. He became famous because of his story and now works to help others lose weight following the same diet plan.

Subway is a healthy choice for take-out food (fast food), and it is prepared for you (which takes a lot of the guesswork out of meal planning and low fat cooking). But, like any take-out food – it can get expensive, and the monotony of eating subs day in and day out can start to become unpleasant.

The Exact Meal Plan

1. Variant

Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: A 6 inch Turkey Sub + potato chips (baked)
Dinner: A 12 inch veggie Sub

2. Variant

Breakfast: Small bowl of cereal with skimmed milk. Black coffee with sweetener.
Lunch: Turkey Subway Sandwich. Diet Pepsi.
Dinner: Vegetarian Subway Sandwich. Water.
Snacks: Apple, orange, water.

But is it really diet plan? Do you really think that this can help you to get in shape? To be healthy and look good? Definitely not.

A healthy diet is all about what you eat rather than how much you eat. If you’ve come looking for the latest fad diet information, you are in for a big surprise. Losing weight, staying healthy and getting back into shape after many years of diet neglect is not about fads or eating in some radical new way for six to twelve weeks and then going back to the way you used to eat.

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