Reseller hosting starter guide (2021)

What is Reseller hosting?

Are you in the search for reseller hosting and don’t know exactly what the term reseller hosting means well you have eventually landed on the right article?

In this article, I have discussed in detail reseller hosting so before understanding what exactly is reseller hosting let’s have a look that what is simply hosting or you can say a web hosting

Okay, web hosting is basically is the space for your all websites meaning keeping and maintaining where you can run24/7 consistently without any hassle any the companies offering these services are called web hosting companies.

So now you might have understood what exactly hosting is let us look at what exactly is reseller hosting, it is just like another type of hosting or you can simply say hosting which you can purchase and rent the space to your end-users by starting your web hosting business.

Where there are many companies that provide reseller hosting which you will be looking to the few in the following article.

With reseller hosting, you can be your own boss as you can provide services to the end-users or customers as you can say like the complete Cpanel and different services which a web hosting company provides to you when you purchase for a certain period and give your customers on rent for the same.

Reseller hosting is a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs by which you can purchase space and rent to users to host a website as there are many companies providing reseller hosting services you should check plans carefully before selecting.

You do not have to involve in too many headaches like billing and all as these are taken care of by the hosting providing services from time to time, 24 by 7 support to your customers is a challenging task but as reseller hosting business is a done for you hosting business which you can start immediately from the comfort of your home and start your web hosting business empire without hiring any employee you have up and running web hosting business in no time.

Well as you might have known by now what exactly is reseller hosting and we will now discuss in the following article that how it works what are the different types of reseller hosting companies and what are the benefits or advantages of reseller hosting and is there a difference between shared and reseller hosting.

And how you can start your own web hosting reseller business so let’s get started 

How does reseller hosting work

Reseller hosting as we have discussed is a hosting service provided by web hosting companies with different packages or plans where you can rent your services to the customers depending on the space you have been provided like the disk space the CPU the RAM, bandwidth extra depending on the number of customers you have to upgrade your plan from time to time.

You can do this on your own by setting up a simple website and by simply purchasing a web reseller hosting package from the web hosting companies for example Godaddy. ResellerClub etc you have to decide your own pricing plans accordingly depending on the amount of storage, bandwidth, ram which you are offering to your customers.

But before selecting a good reseller hosting you have to be extra careful of all the essential requirements that are required for this business which you are going to run so it can run smoothly.

So now as we have discussed what is basically reseller hosting and how it works you have to determine your goal before starting the web hosting business like which plans are you going to take and after creating the website you have to promote it.

So that more and more customers land on your website and purchase your hosting plans and depending on the number of customers you have to upgrade your plans from time to time and one more special feature that these web hosting companies provide to the reseller hosting is that they handle the support services so that you are your customers are not worried by any issues which might they face so you can stay focus on your business and enjoy your free time.

Reseller hosting is a most sought for business in digital marketing that many individuals are now starting their own web hosting business from the comfort of their home and you can do so also by creating a simple readymade website and make sure that your design is sleek and keep in mind the user experience as you do not have to distract your customers when they land on your website the more user-friendly your website is more customers will be attracted to it so at first promote your web hosting the website on all digital marketing channels like on google through search engine optimization, social media optimization like Facebook, YouTube Instagram, LinkedIn among others.

And you can also take the help of pay-per-click advertisements where you have to spend the time on creating visual creatives that are worth clicking.

Benefits of reseller hosting

Let us now look at the advantages or benefits of reseller hosting as why it will be the best choice for you and things to keep in mind before getting started.

So take a look at different points of reseller hosting and exactly at the benefits of it.

Cost efficient hosting

First of all, in terms of cost it is much cheaper to get started, and depending upon how you scale in the future you can always upgrade to it depending on the number of customers you have you do not have to invest in infrastructure costly equipment, technology as these are all handled by the web hosting companies themselves so you can start a hassle-free business.

Helps you Stay focussed

It helps you stay focused on your business rather than getting into trouble with the server, updates reliability, security, and all, like that you can provide your services to the end-user the same like web hosting companies provide to websites like most commonly accepted SSL certificates and all which are very much essential to your users and for yourself also so as no one like not secure button in front of their websites name that is not a good sign of a website

And also Google has made it essential for websites to have an SSL certificate.

Build your very own Web hosting business

The next point is that you can build your own web hosting business brand and you can scale it by promoting as we have discussed by different digital marketing promotions methods to have a fast and running web hosting business in no time.

Now depending upon the pricing plans which you are offering to your customers and in reseller hosting you can also sell your different hosting packages like shared hosting, Virtual private servers, Dedicated server and more but before offering your services do make sure to decide your pricing plans for different packages so you can make a profit out of it else what is the point of selling the hosting services at the same price to your end-users without profiting.

Difference between shared and reseller hosting

Well both shared and reseller hosting and different types of hosting and you can say shared hosting like it is basically a type of hosting in which you have been given space to host your unlimited domains on that by the addon domains in the CPanel, but you cannot sell your shared hosting package to any other as this is for only your bundle of websites.

Whereas reseller hosting is a different kind of posting where business owners like you can purchase it and sell it to your new customers which you cannot do with a shared hosting service.

How to be a web hosting reseller

As a web hosting reseller you have to sign up for reseller hosting which is provided by many web hosting companies like ResellerClub, HostGator, A2 hosting among others providing the same.

With this, you have been given WHMCS panel by which you can manage your customers like how many space you would like to provide for certain packages and you can maintain all from that simple dashboard of WHMCS but to keep in mind the pricing plans you do not have to go with so many technical requirements and all as in the dashboard you have been given all the advanced functionalities which you might be required on running your reseller hosting business efficiently and before purchasing the reseller hosting package do make sure the plans you like to purchase and see the reviews of that company on the web so that you can he sure that you have started hassle-free reseller hosting business.


So this was the in-depth guide on reseller hosting and take note of it when you start your web hosting business and I must say that it is one of the favorable business opportunities online so what are you waiting for because in the upcoming years the web hosting companies will be more competitive so it’s better start at the earliest. 

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