Top Best Plugins and Widgets WordPress differences

Well, this is the most obvious question that why different plugins and widgets WordPress? This comes to one’s mind when you start working on WordPress for your dream blog. Okay, let it be clear both are used often when it comes to WordPress and you can’t avoid it.

Plugins and Widgets WordPress

Plugins and widgets WordPress explained

Where there are many complex definitions to clarify what a plugin and widgets in WordPress are which are often confusing to not only beginners but also experienced WordPress users.

We all know how to use it to perform specific tasks required for our blog but more we have confusion that why both are available in our WordPress dashboard which sometimes seems to a newbie that both are having up to same features.

Let me be very clear to you both plugins and widgets are assigned for different requirements to bloggers and these are different from each other.

Well, I have already discussed in detail what a plugin is you can check from here but no worries I will discuss some crucial points for plugins and widgets WordPress which you need to know.

Let us first talk about Plugins these are basically additional software or you can call add ons written in PHP by third-party developers and are assigned to blog owners for adding specific features to their blog and as a recommended rule try not to use more than 5-6 plugins on your blog.

All the plugins however are tested by WordPress for compatibility so to avoid any issues to bloggers but sometimes installing more plugins often slows down the website. So, try to install and activate to the minimum and avoid any unnecessary ones.

One more tip whenever you install a plugin if you do not find it at the left sidebar of the dashboard also check it in the settings tab and widgets tab and it sometimes appears there also.

Basically, the difference between the two is widgets come in WordPress pre-installed as you do not have to worry about installing and activate to work on well there are plenty to choose from for adding to different areas on your whether at the header and footer section the sidebar, etc. They are basically a part of WordPress that comes with for displaying different content on specific areas of the blog.

To sum up, the main difference between the two is that plugins are for adding functionality to blog,s and widgets are used to display content on specific areas on blogs. In the end, you have now got the idea between the two why both is necessary for a successful blog of yours. keep exploring more to come…

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