Every so often, it seems, there is a hot, new ingredient that takes the health care world by storm. Sometimes these new fads fizzle in a short while, but other times, the benefits of the ingredient are so desired that it stays strong and winds up in nearly every product under the sun. Shea butter is one of those revolutionizing ingredients that continues to pop up on product labels as one of the most sought after ingredients in skin care. But what exactly is Shea butter, and where does it come from? Learn more about this must-have ingredient, how it can actually benefit penis health, and why it isn’t leaving the shelves anytime soon.

So what exactly is shea butter?

Though it may sound like an exotic and yummy spread to try on one’s morning toast – and yes, it is edible in certain forms – it is its numerous topical uses that keep Shea butter popping up in body lotions, facial lotions, salves, and lip glosses alike. It comes from the exotic nut of the Africa Shea tree known as, karité. It is a non-animal fat complex that has been found to have luxurious moisturizing properties perfect for healing and enriching skin health. In addition, it also has anti-inflammatory properties and is an emollient, which is why it is useful in so many varied skin and health care products. Shea butter not only leaves skin feeling silky smooth, it soothes red, irritated, or itchy skin while improving its elasticity.

When should shea butter be used?

1) Chronic Skin Conditions – Men suffering from ongoing skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis will benefit greatly from the Shea butter’s gentle moisturizing properties. It can help soothe the itchy, irritated feeling while reducing patchy, flaky skin. Severe skin conditions may still require prescription medications and creams to stay under control, but it can add relief throughout the day as well.

2) Dry Skin – Individuals who suffer from dry skin in the absence of a more serious skin condition will certainly love using Shea butter to keep the skin hydrated. It may be especially useful during the winter months when hot, dry indoor air combined with cold, windy outdoor conditions wreak havoc on exposed skin. It is gentle enough to use every day, but rich enough to tackle alligator-dry feet and scaly elbows.

3) Daily Penis Health – That’s right, Shea butter is gentle and soothing enough that it can be used on a man’s most delicate skin, that which is on his manhood. Unfortunately, the skin of the penis is often overlooked, with minimal attention given to it. When it is remembered, it may be because the skin is already itchy and irritated, meaning it has reached a state of disrepair. What’s worse, a man who doesn’t take daily care of his penis skin may not have any suitable lotion on hand when he is need of it, forcing him to use an inferior product. Lotions that do not contain Shea butter may not provide the deep moisture that the delicate skin of the penis needs, or worse, they may contain harsh perfumes and scents that can actually create more irritation of the penis skin. Selecting a moisturizing, high-quality penis nutrient cream that contains Shea butter and other penis health ingredients (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is the perfect solution for keeping the penis skin healthy. Keeping the skin hydrated will reduce cracking and irritation that can occur from harsh masturbation and the change of weather alike. Simply apply after getting out of the shower and enjoy rich hydration all day long.

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