Dry rubbing (manual stroking of non lubricated penis) by oneself or others may cause penile health issues such as the following not uncommon penile health concerns as listed here.

a. Active rubbing of dry penile skin may be damaging to penis

1. Dry rubbing of penis skin during manual stroking may cause microscopic cracks or breaks in skin of penis. These microscopic cracks may allow bacteria and virus to enter, travel and cause infection

anywhere in the body.

2. Rubbing of dry penile skin may damage penile cell neurons and decrease penile sensitivity eventually diminishing sexual pleasure

3. Dry rubbing excessively by manual stroking may cause urethral damage and may form urethral scar tissue. This, in turn, can lead to urethral stricture. diminish urinary stream and cause difficulty urinating or may decrease ejaculation volume.

4. Dry rubbing excessively by manual stroking may cause penis vein damage and can lead to penile circulatory problems such as erectile dysfunction or unsightly damaged small veins and capillaries.

5. Dry rubbing by powerful manual stroking action may cause damage to phallic connective tissue that may result in Peyronie’s disease which is indicated by a slight upward curve of penis shaft or bending or shortening of penis shaft.

6. Manual dry rubbing of the penis may, over time, create a “callous” effect to penile skin that microscopically “toughens” penile skin. Callous-like areas of penile skin can diminish penile sensation.

Solution: Be gentle. Tell your partner, or yourself, to use a light touch when stroking the penis or use a lubricant or even a soft object such as a feather or soft t-shirt. Use your imagination but being gentle is the key to avoiding potential penile health issues.

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