Having complete and accurate information about your own health will allow you to 1) increase participation in your own care, 2) gain insight into your condition and 3) strengthen communication with your health care team.

Increase Participation in Care

Taking an active role in your own medical care may be one of the most important decisions of your life. You will become an active member of your health care team by keeping accurate health records. The ability to “collect and share” this information-rich data with your provider will improve the quality of care that you receive.

Research suggests that patients who take a more active role in visits with their physician may have a greater sense of control and better health outcomes. Once you begin this process you will discover increased empowerment through your ability to organize health records.

Gain Insight into Your Condition

Having organized health records becomes a personal health management tool. As you collect information you will become more informed about your condition and treatment options. Additional information provided by your treatment team will also show you how to manage your condition more effectively.

Your personal health record can also be a real life saver as you learn to spot important trends in your medical condition. Keeping accurate health records will help you understand your condition more clearly and at a deeper level.

Strengthen Communication with Health Care Team

Good communication with your health care team is the cornerstone of quality health care. You can increase and strengthen the level of communication by having up to date health information to share with all of your providers. Remember, more information equals more informed decisions.

Better health status has been linked to more effective information gathering by patients and more communication with their physician. Take time today to organize health records for a much better health care experience.

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