Autofellatio, the performing of oral sex upon oneself, is an act that only a select number of men can perform – but the idea of autofellatio is one that most men find intriguing and man have at least attempted. While autofellatio certainly wouldn’t have a serious impact on a man’s penis health, the pursuit of it can result in potential damage to other parts of the body; thus, the pleasures of self-administered oral sex should be weighed against the potential pain.

Dog envy?

There’s an old joke that asks why a dog licks its nether regions; the answer is an enthusiastic and envious “Because it can!” It’s just a joke, but the fact remains that men, as they explore their sexual equipment, often fantasize about performing oral gratification on their own tools. This is understandable: oral sex with a partner feels amazing, but a partner is not always available. Besides, some men feel curious about what performing fellatio would feel like but are not interested in actually having sex with another man. For these men, autofellatio would provide a taste of the experience without the drawback.

Who can do it?

For understandable reasons, there are no reliable statistics on what percentage of men are capable of performing autofellatio; it is, after all, not the kind of question that is typically asked or readily answered. However, despite the number of photos of the act available on Tumblr and the like, it’s safe to say it is the rare man who has this particular talent.

In general, those men who are capable of autofellatio share at least some of the following characteristics:

  • A relatively short torso;
  • A relatively long penis;
  • A great deal of agility and flexibility; and
  • Determination.

How do they do it?

There are several positions that are employed in performing autofellatio. These include:

  • Lying down on the back. This seems to be the most common method, perhaps because the position takes advantage of the force of gravity to bring the penis closer to the mouth. A man starts lying down on his back. He lifts his legs and hips up and moves them forward, bringing his legs down over behind his head. With the penis dangling above the head, he then inches it closer until it reaches the mouth.

  • Standing up. Seemingly a much more difficult position, some men are flexible enough to bend from a standing position so that their mouths reach their penises.

  • Sitting. Although some men perform autofellatio while seated in a chair, more seem to be capable of performing seated if they are seated on the floor, with their legs crossed in something resembling a yoga position or the “crisscross-applesauce” position favored by young children.

It should perhaps be noted that most men who are capable of autofellatio do not manage to get more than the head of the penis into their mouths. But that is reward enough for their efforts!

There can be consequences.

As mentioned before, flexibility and agility are essential to successful performance of autofellatio. It is VERY easy for a man to cause damage to his back, neck, torso, hips and other parts of the body in attempting to perform this difficult maneuver. This is especially true if a man has not properly warmed up and stretched out. In some cases, the damage can be severe, so it is advisable to think carefully before attempting autofellatio.

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