Must have checklist when starting a WordPress blog

Many times we wonder what are the prerequisites we need to have after installing the most demanded Cms that is WordPress. We often get stuck with what next after installing, then you need not worry as I have prepared a must-follow checklist that everything is up to the mark, make sure to visit the previous article where I have discussed why WordPress is the ultimate choice for blogging.

1. Check whether you are able to access your website’s WordPress dashboard. Many times people get confused that what one can do to login to WordPress dashboard, the answer is simple there are various alternatives to it such as you can go to URL of website/wp-admin or /admin or /wp-login or /login and make sure to go through each one if you are not getting your login dashboard.

2.After login into the WordPress dashboard you see different kinds of stuff on the main dashboard you can hide them all by going to screen options in the top navigation from there you can focus only on which are necessary to your rest you can hide them.

3. Make sure to correct your permalink structure( which is the URL of the article you are going to publish)often after installing it is checked according to date you have to uncheck and check according to post name so that your published URL is easily readable to your visitors and also search engine friendly.

4.Next you have to check your profile you can do so by going to the right-hand corner of the dashboard and you will see multiple options there from which you can set your avatar and color of the admin dashboard and more, check which options are beneficial to your blog and do it accordingly.

5.After that choose a reliable theme that is fast and responsive since there are many to choose from with scores available inside the WordPress itself you don’t necessarily need a paid theme one tip to make the website load faster is by compressing the images before uploading to WordPress and try to avoid using too many videos otherwise it will make the website too heavy to load which will be a bad experience for the users.

6.As discussed earlier choose plugins efficiently which you need the most and try to keep it to the bare minimum to 5 to 6 max. We have already discussed in earlier articles which are the most recommended ones if you not gone through that post you will definitely need to check out from here.

7.At last try to create a handful of articles and create important pages for your blog like contact us, about us, privacy policy page, and more.

In the end, try to get handy with all the WordPress dashboard options to have a clear idea of which is most required for your blog and which are not. Keep blogging see you with more interesting articles…..

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