How to impress a girl? It seems to be difficult, but it certainly doesn’t NEED to be. The funny thing about impressing girls is that you must NOT seen to be doing anything which would make you look like a desperate guy. For example, they start to buy dozens of expensive roses and bring women out to fanciful dinners in order to try to impress them. That, my friend, is a big mistake. What you need to do is to learn some killer, cutting-edge techniques which will make you STAND OUT from all the other guys who are just trying to “bribe” women with their pathetic attempts at seduction. Read on to discover how you can use some fairly covert tactics to impress a girl and make her like you almost immediately…

How To Impress A Girl

“Act Like You Are Not Impressed”. This might sound totally counter-intuitive, but in order to impress a girl you must first act as if you are NOT impressed with her at all. Therefore, the first step is to make her qualify herself to you – and get her to try to convince you that she is worthy of your attention. This is by far the best way to impress a girl and make her feel charmed by you. Remember – come across as a challenge and you will be able to make her yours.

“Don’t Attempt Too Hard To Impress Her”. You see, desperation is the number one KILLER of attraction. You must never look as if you try to justify yourself in order to give her the “reasons” why she should be with you. The weird thing is that the more you attempt to “chase” and impress her, the more likely it would be for you to lose her. It’s true!

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