Just like every other man on this Earth you ask yourself how to really impress a girl? How to impress a girl is really an easy method which you can master! The best way to impress a girl lies in following 5 easy tricks. Soon you will win over your dream girl and begin dating her. The most important rule to remember is that girls are not impressed by anything which seems fake or unoriginal. You must always be true to yourself!

Many guys fail miserably with girls because they pretend to be someone else. The key concept you must remember is that to impress a girl you must be as original as possible. So here are the best simple tricks and tips you need to impress a girl!

Do NOT try to impress her. This is the big secret! In fact, the most effective way to impress a girl is to try not to impress her. How does this work? See, most guys will mess up because they try to impress a girl and come off as cocky and full of themselves because they are trying to show off. But girls are very insightful and can see right through this act. You will come off as a “show off” and someone who has a big ego, which is a turn off for a woman. So to impress a girl you need to let things happen naturally.

Contrary to popular belief, women are NOT impressed by money and material things. The best way to impress a girl is to stay true to yourself by your own natural and unique talents which involve the way you talk and present yourself. You want girls to respect you for who you and not what you possess as a person.

So take a moment and ask yourself what makes you special. Girls are impressed by something that you have that no other guy has. A beautiful girl is hit on men everyday, and they all try to impress her with their own qualities. So for you to win the heart of your dream girl, you must stand out and use a different tactic to succeed where those other men failed to impress that girl.

Always strive to be your true self and best self! When you interact with her, be your normal natural self and she will be impressed.

Make it your aim to develop you intellectual and conversational skills. When you become a great conversationalist, this will provide you with a means to share your natural and unique self with a girl. Soon in no time you finally be able to impress her….without even trying to impress her!

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