How To Get Traffic To Your Website?

If you are looking for traffic for your website then you are here at the right article. In this article, we will share with you all the tips and methods that can be used to drive traffic to your website. So read this article completely.

There are a number of sources available to drive website traffic. Bloggers and SEO experts also use these sources to drive traffic to their websites. In this article we will learn all about those sources. Furthermore, we will also discuss other methods that can be used to increase traffic to a website. Some of these methods are free and some are paid. Here we cover both methods. After reading this article, I can guarantee that your website will receive a lot of traffic from these sources. First we will learn about the methods that can be used to drive organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a process to improve website visibility on search engines. This process can take some time to get traffic from search engines. If you want to get traffic by using SEO strategies, you need to follow some tips and take some time to see results.

  • Tip 1: Before publishing any content on your website or blog, first you need to do proper keyword research. Because if you write articles about random keywords, your website will take a lot of time to rank. Follow this tip before writing any content.
  • Tip 2: On-page SEO is a necessary part of search engine optimization. Always optimize your content by properly adding sub headings and images. Check out the on-page SEO checklist to get more help.

Before publishing any content, you must follow these two tips. After your post is live, you can move on to the next level of SEO, which is Off-Page SEO. It is also a part of search engine optimization that can be used outside of the website. So let’s learn about off-page SEO methods that improve our website visibility on search engines and help us to get more traffic.


This section of the article is about building backlinks. Backlinks are also a part of off-page SEO. So we only cover this method in our article. If you want to learn more about this you can explore our SEO related category on our website. Backlinks are links that get from one website to another. Backlinks are also helpful because they help us to improve a website’s visibility and ranking in search results. When a website has a large number of quality backlinks, it signals to search engines that the website has authority and is reliable. This can lead to higher rankings and more traffic.

There are some methods to build quality backlinks. Some of these methods are below:

  • Submitting your website to online directories can increase your visibility and also give a quality backlink to your website. Make sure you choose relevant and reputable directories.
  • Many sites are available that allow you to write guest posts. Submit keyword-based articles to these sites and you will get backlinks to your website. Follow the rules and regulations of the sites that allow you to submit content.
  • Find your topic related articles on Google by using a search engine. Open and read those articles. Comment on those articles with a word of appreciation or thanks. Most sites take 12-24 hours to approve your comment. Once your comment is approved, you will get a backlink from that website.

Social media sites

Social Media Sites

There are many social media platforms that can help you to get traffic for your website. You can use them and get traffic to your website without any cost. There are two methods of using social media to drive traffic and we will discuss both of them.

Free Social media traffic

The first method helps you to get traffic from social media platforms without spending any money. These methods are listed below.

  • Create and share engaging and informative content with relevant users. This content can be blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, or other types of content that people will want to know and share with their followers and friends.
  • Join communities and groups on social sites that are relevant to your niche or keyword. These communities can be a source of traffic for your website.

Paid Social media Traffic

Paid advertising on social media sites can also help you get traffic to your website. This method allows you to pay for ads that appear in all social media users’ feeds and other products. If any user is interested in your content they can visit your website. Advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest is a bit difficult. Many free courses are available on Youtube, where you can learn all about social media paid advertising.

These are two methods to get traffic from social media sites. So now we will learn about the most popular sources that can help you to get traffic to your website without spending any money. We will learn all about those sources step by step. So let’s start.

How to get Free Traffic on Website?

Here are the methods and sources to drive traffic to your website.


Quora Website Traffic

Quora is a question-and-answer website where users can ask questions and get answers from experts. Also they can answer other questions. There are a number of topics available on Quora, which is the best option to get targeted traffic. This is a platform for users to share their knowledge and expertise with others.

To get website traffic from Quora, follow these steps:

  • Create an account on Quora and fill out your profile completely. Be sure to include all information, such as about us, expertise, and any other information that helps your profile look professional.
  • Now search for questions related to your website’s niche. Ensure that you provide detailed and accurate information that is helpful to the person asking the question. Add a link to your website as a read more option.
  • Follow relevant topics and participate in discussions. This will help you build a fan following on Quora and increase your visibility.
  • Use Quora as a content marketing tool. Writing blog posts or articles that solve other users’ issues and provide answers to questions asked on Quora. You can share them on Quora to drive traffic to your website and establish yourself as a leader in your field.
  • Promote your Quora activity on your social media channels and website. This will help drive more traffic and improve your following on Quora and on your website.

Keep in mind that the key to getting traffic from Quora is to provide valuable and helpful information that is relevant to your target audience. If you can do this consistently, you will be able to build a following on Quora and drive massive traffic to your website.


Medium is a publishing platform that allows users to write and share articles and other content with a large audience. Medium is a popular platform for bloggers and writers to share their ideas and reach a large audience.

To get website traffic from the Medium website, follow these guidelines:

  • Publish articles on Medium: You can publish articles on Medium including your website links in the article. This can help drive traffic to your site.
  • Use Medium as a source of backlinks: You can also use Medium as a source of backlinks by linking to your website in articles or by adding a link to your website in your profile.
  • Promote your articles on social media: You can promote your articles on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to drive traffic to your Medium articles and ultimately to your website.
  • Engage with your readers: Respond to comments and engage with your readers to build an active community around your content and encourage readers to visit your website.

So the conclusion of this article is that these are both free and paid methods that will help you to get traffic to your website easily. Use these methods one by one and see website traffic. Hope this article was helpful for you. Share this article with others.

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