Genital herpes: These two words can strike fear into the heart of almost any man. Unfortunately, it is a relatively common infection. But thankfully, there are some penis care techniques that can make the condition easier to live with. And, best of all, there are lifestyle changes men can make to reduce their risk of contracting herpes in the first place.

What Is It?

Herpes is a virus, and it is transferred from one body to another through close contact. Sex provides the perfect opportunity for virus sharing, and that swap can happen in the blink of an eye. Someone who is infected might have bumps that bleed or ooze, and each drop could be laden with the virus, but even people who don’t have visible spots may still be infected, and they could pass it along to others.

This virus is considered serious, in part, because there’s no long-term cure for it. Someone who has genital herpes will have that infection for the rest of his or her life, although there are all kinds of things people can do in order to make that life easier.

Dealing with an Infection

A herpes outbreak hurts, as the bumps tend to tingle and bleed. Wearing clothing can be painful, and even thinking about sex could make men cringe. There are medications that can shorten the length of an outbreak, so a man will be in pain for less time.

Men who do have visible bumps can find relief by:

– Holding a cool washcloth against the spots a few times per day

– Using an over-the-counter pain reliever as needed

– Wearing cotton clothes, which may not chafe the bumps

– Keeping the lap dry, so the sores also dry up

Whether a man has spots now or has had them in the past, protection is a vital part of life for men infected with the herpes virus. That means they’ll need to tell any sexual partners about their infection, and they’ll need to wear condoms every time they have sex. Even then, they might pass the infection to partners. Couples simply must be open and honest, so each side of the equation can make informed decisions.

Keeping an Infection Away

Since herpes can’t be cured, it’s crucial for men to use every opportunity they can to avoid getting infected in the first place. Talking openly with partners before sex, and suiting up with condoms before the action begins, is a smart strategy for men who don’t want to deal with herpes either now or in the future.

It’s also important to note that a man’s risk of getting herpes goes up with each sexual partner he adds to his history. The virus is common, and it’s sometimes hard to spot, so almost anyone could be infected and pass that problem along. There’s no way to be 100 percent safe unless men remain abstinent forever. Men who don’t want to do that should be aware of the risks and try to make good choices.

Paying attention to the health of the skin, and ensuring that it has all the nutrients it needs, may not keep a virus away. But skin that’s healthier might be more likely to avoid other types of penis health problems (like blocked pores and rashes), and a man who spends time attending to skin might spot problems earlier, before they cause big issues.

A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. Quality products contain the vitamins and minerals penile skin needs in order to stay healthy, while a daily application gives a man an opportunity to get familiar with his skin and check its overall condition. Plus, the softening and smoothing these products provide make sex feel more pleasurable, even when protection is used. Such a cream is one more tool men can add to their male organ care regimens.

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