4 best different types of web hosting

Are you stuck on what hosting plan will be worth for your WordPress blog when there are different types of web hosting plans to choose from whenever you decide to start a blog of your own?

different types of web hosting

Well in this article we will discuss the most common different types of web hosting plans which are mostly used and often new bloggers confuse about seeing so many plans when they tend to opt for a hosting plan which is most benefitted for their WordPress blog

In the following article, we have explained the 4 different types of web hosting which come in handy for everyone who is trying to select a reliable and affordable hosting plan for his business as well as for their hobby.

You would definitely get to know what plan is the best for your blog so let us move on and look at what are they and which one is the best?

These are the 4 different types of web hosting

1. Shared hosting– Well if you are just starting your WordPress website then must try going for shared hosting plans because of many reasons.

The first one is that it is cost-effective but there is a disadvantage that as nearly a hundred to thousands of websites are hosted on one computer only which has limited compatibility space and if one website starts getting an enormous amount of traffic the other website starts lagging.

Apart from this, the next one is that since the website is new it attracts very less traffic but after optimizing the website for search engines which takes almost three months to start seeing positive results in the search engine results pages.

Shared hosting can handle traffic up to 25k but after few more months if you start getting high traffic switch over to other hosting plans.

2.Virtual private server– Well both VPS and shared hosting are almost the same one major difference that differentiates between the two is that where 100 to 1000s websites are hosted on a single computer Virtual private server computer only hosts 10 to 20 websites only respectively.

And also one more advantage of using a virtual private server is that your website does not get affected by other websites gaining an enormous amount of traffic as every website is allowed equal space on the computer and since there are only lesser websites hosted on a single computer a single website can easily handle the high traffic volume. One other difference is that VPS hosting is costlier than shared hosting.

3. Dedicated server– This is the third one in our list as the name suggests dedicated means the entire computer and specifications are all for a single website and no other website is allowed to share the hosting.

These are mostly preferred for websites having huge traffic volume as when a huge number of visitors are active on a single website it also does not have to lag so visitors do not get distracted. These are the costliest amongst the hosting plans discussed above.

4. Cloud hosting-Well cloud hosting is much similar to VPS hosting in fact in cloud hosting there are many different computers instead of just one as in the case of VPS and the load gets distributed evenly among all the powerful specifications inbuilt computers and scaling is also quite easy in cloud hosting.

Well, these are the different types of web hosting commonly used and you have now got a clear idea of what each is, so take these considerations into practice while choosing the perfect and powerful hosting plan for your blog. Keep exploring.

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