Injuries at the workplace happen all the time. Most of the times, people aren’t prepared for job injuries, and this could lead to great mistakes. When you suffer a workplace injury, you must know the do’s and don’ts to avoid the mistakes that could reduce your compensation. Here we’ve briefed a few mistakes listed by the worker’s compensation and criminal injury lawyers in Perth that could affect a worker’s compensation claim.

Mistake #1

Failing to Report the Accident

One of the common mistakes that a victim sustaining a job injury makes is not reporting the accident on time. According to the worker’s compensation and criminal injury lawyers in Perth, you must report your workplace accident to the employer or the supervisor within 30 days of the injury. It’s always better to notify the injuries at the earliest, even if the accident is minor. Waiting longer could hurt your worker’s compensation claim and puts your integrity in question.

Mistake #2

Failure to Report Secondary Injuries

Another common mistake made by the victim is failing to report all the injuries associated with the accident. For instance, if you got a neck injury from a fall and also experience damage to your arms, you must disclose it. If you aren’t reporting all the injuries in the beginning and report any secondary injuries only later, it would be misinterpreted as workers compensation fraud. You must also report all the additional symptoms such as blurry vision, loss of motor function, stomach issues, and more as soon as you start experiencing them.

Mistake #3

Not Seeking a Medical Attention

When it comes to making a worker’s compensation claim, it’s crucial to get yourself diagnosed by a doctor for the injuries you have sustained due to the workplace accident. While some injuries are immediate and evident, other injuries don’t show up until later hours or days. However, get medical attention for both minor and major injuries, or even if you don’t feel injured. The medical record obtained from the medical attention or the subsequent treatment acts as a piece of evidence for your worker’s compensation claim.

Mistake #4

Posting on Social Media

Getting compensation for your workplace injury claim isn’t a cakewalk. There is always an investigator who is looking for a piece of evidence to reduce the compensation or prove that you aren’t eligible for compensation. So, think twice before posting anything to your social media. A single post or a picture can be used against you to prove that you are living a normal life.

Mistake #5

Not Getting Help from Your Lawyer

If you are sustaining workplace injuries, you must speak to your workers compensation lawyers in Perth. They know the ins and outs of the law and will put in a great effort to help you get the total compensation. They investigate your accident, gather pieces of evidence, do all the paperwork related to the claim, and ensure that you are getting the compensation you deserve.

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