Best newsletter plugins for WordPress

Want to have a list of the best newsletter plugins for WordPress websites?

Emails are an integral part of your business and it’s the most important strategy to be implemented. It’s not optional if you want to succeed in marketing.

Email newsletters act as a medium to collect your blog visitors email. In exchange, you can give value to your audience by consistently providing helpful resources which you update regularly on your blog.

Since WordPress comes with many newsletter plugins and choosing the best ones for your blog would be your prime choice as it will help you grow your email list.

So, in this article we are going to discuss the most important ones but before it let us look at why a newsletter is quite important because it helps you connect with your users whenever you want to share valuable resources and promotions.

It is crucial for anyone whether new at blogging or a pro you must start creating your email list the right way without hesitating as if why it’s required now?

But whatever marketing you are going for start collecting your subscriber’s details. As in the long run it will eventually reduce your advertising efforts if done the right way.

As newsletters have different purposes many e-commerce companies constantly send regular news related to offers and discounts which are a part of their email marketing strategy. However, everyone has a different motive as you might create a short tutorial providing step-by-step instructions else you can update your readers to use materials, and often you can promote your blog whenever you publish an article on your website.

Different newsletters come with several pre-designed templates for every purpose but if you simply want to provide value to your users the key is to keep it as simple and short as possible.

As we all know why newsletters are beneficial let us look at why WordPress makes it so simple to use newsletters as we all know it comes with several powerful plugins for nearly every purpose with so much to say what are the essential ones.

The first and most popular ones on our list are

These are the best Newsletter plugins for WordPress

1. MailChimp

It is one of the most popular ones out there in the market as it specifically has a plugin for WordPress users which makes it super easy to add the opt-in form or subscriber form on your website and collect your subscriber’s details.

The plugin is MailChimp for WP and you have to simply connect with your WordPress account. The unique feature which MailChimp offers is it’s free for up to 2000 subscribers means you can collect this many subscribers without paying a penny. For many startups and newbie bloggers, it’s much preferred and you can obviously upgrade to the pro version when necessary.

In MailChimp you have to create a list to which the users subscribe and you can always segment it according to the demographics. Due to its hassle-free one-time setup, you will see your email list constantly growing up in the long run even it provides all the analytics like what is the open rate and click-through rate, and more.

Key features

.Smooth user interface
.Many features to choose from
.Easy to setup
Create free landing pages and more

2. Newsletter

As the name suggests it is perfect for increasing the subscription rate for your sign-up forms and eventually growing your subscriber’s list.

The outstanding feature of this WordPress plugin is that by using it you can create unlimited subscribers. Unlike MailChimp where there are 2000 subscribers for the free version but it also comes with more features unlike the Newsletter plugin is designed for its said purpose.

Also, this plugin with a spam filter for subscriptions helps to create a secure email list. Moreover here are the key features of the Newsletter plugin

Drag and drop builder
GDPR compatibility
Easily target multi-list

3. Mailpoet

It’s one of the top-notch plugins for WordPress and one of the features which is most liked is that you do not have to leave WordPress you can simply design highly targeted email newsletters with its simple drag and drop builder and within minutes you see your newsletter ready without any hassle.

As said you don’t have to leave your WordPress dashboard and you can easily manage your email list and see your subscribers growing. It lets you schedule your newsletters so that to engage your subscribers to your website. Moreover, due to its simplicity, it is gaining popularity among the new and pro bloggers these days.

Key features

Compliant with GDPR
Schedule your email newsletters
Drag and drop features
Responsive templates for every purpose and more.


It’s a premium WordPress plugin that is suitable for serious marketers who really want their email list to grow really fast.

It has ready-to-be-used popups which are highly targeted and also responsive on any device it simply does any task on creating templates from scratch and also it comes with various popups intended for various purposes like newsletter popups, slide-ins, and announcement bars, etc.

With more attractive features like countdown timers when you are running a special promotion for your users else engage with spin wheels which are on the trend mostly used by eCommerce platforms and more.

Moreover, collect your anonymous subscribers with smart exit-intent popups where the users do not have a reason to leave your blog without leaving their email. It will manage your pocket and comes with a simple $9monthly charge which I think is much better at on start rather than going for a high-cost email marketing platform.

5. WP subscribe

It is a lightweight freemium plugin available for WordPress and comes which caching technology as it loads quickly without taking excess memory which on one hand will improve your SEO efforts as search engines really like faster loading pages for their SERPs.

It doesn’t come with exciting features as it also connects with MailChimp and another powerful email marketing platform called Aweber.

You can always use the free versions and it comes with a $29-year subscription plan.

6. Icegram

This is the final one on our list and let us look at what it has to offer. Now see Icegram is basically a freemium plugin but it also comes with some notable features like it is worth it if you want to have multiple op-tin for different targets.

Icegram offers four unique features like lightbox popups, header and footer subscription bars, slide-in messengers, responsive templates for specific events, and more.

This WordPress plugin offers nearly 120+ campaign models predesigned for every purpose. Moreover, it provides specific targeting for the users like exit, scrolling half the page, and like many more, and also it gives you freedom of choosing to target based on location demographics and more.

One noteworthy thing is that it is simply a form builder and you have to integrate it with third-party email platforms which it offers.

Wrapping up these are the top and choosen best newsletter WordPress plugins which you must try for your blog.If you want to grow your marketing efforts the beautiful thing about email marketing campaigns is that it gives you the power to engage. with your loyal users when you want and you simply cannot ignore it.

Simply try the free ones and check whether it suits you or not and then only go for paid ones. Wishing you the best of luck with your email marketing efforts. Stay updated!

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